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Writing Byte #18: Hello and Goodbye

Look. Stop. Breathe.
That air was swirling in front of you, waiting to go in through the nostrils and out through the mouth.
What do you see?
This minute, this second, this moment, you will never meet again.
What do you see?
Maybe a haunting turbulence reflected back through the black pupil of an iris?
Maybe defiant fireworks as they slice the night sky with their knives of color and fire?
What do you hear?
Maybe a symphony of notes cradling you in its swells and drops?
Maybe the familiar rhythm of crickets croaking out their goodnight greetings?
What are you touching, breathing, observing?
What do you feel?
Time is stopping, just for you, to say
But it can’t wait for long, so by the time you notice it’s saying



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Writing Byte #19: Rain

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