Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Writing Byte #2: A real experience

Today, I flew, and then again… I didn’t.
I sped through the air, crossing miles and miles of land and water as if it were nothing, as if it were a mere jaunt to a nearby town.
But it wasn’t me.

I was simply an observer of a plane, given the view the plane has, and the experience the plane went through, as it did the action of flying through the sky.

I simply sat back, and enjoyed the ride…

I felt the plane exert its strength, stirring and awakening deep within itself.
Then, it moved. It started slow, but soon picked up speed, confident in its course.
I gazed in awe as the standing rainwater began to stream past the windows, rippling over the panes in strange, writhing currents.
The clouds had formed ranks low in the sky, blocking the path forward, but the plane flew straight, unflinching, determined to take its place in the sky.
The night exerted its hold over me, causing me to yawn and lean back in my chair, resting.
But a plane never sleeps.
The dark passed by without protest, knowing it was no match for the physical form shooting by.

Golden lights began to form below, looking almost like a circuit board laid out on the ground. Soon the golden lights multiplied and spread.
As the plane began to head towards the earth, to take some time to rest, the lights grew stronger and clearer, some remaining stagnant while others moved along the winding roads and highways.
Houses are illuminated next, and an airport.
The plane reaches out and touches the ground. It carries out the action just gently enough to cause no harm to the passengers in its belly, but just roughly enough to remind them of its speed and force.
It slows, and stops, becoming inanimate once again.

I am no longer sitting in a chair watching life go by.
I have concluded that in this flight, the plane came to life and brought a truth to the forefront of my mind.

Sometimes you need to sit back and watch the world go by or you'll miss some of the most beautiful moments in this world.
But sometimes, if you don't find the life within yourself, and take flight toward the horizon, you'll miss the chance to have any beautiful moments at all.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Super Cool Trailer!

Tada! My book has a published TRAILER: You're not gonna want to miss this!
And you thought trailers were just for movies...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today's Writing Byte:

For me, words are like a sweet fruit waiting to be plucked.
In certain moments, the light glints off the brightly colored skin. The smell teases your nostrils and you can almost taste its sweet, delicious juice.
But in many of these moments, you can't stop to pick it, because you have school, work, commitment... Life pulling at you every which way.
But you can't wait too long.
If you do, the color and smell of the fruit begin to fade, and the fruit sits less solidly in your hand. As you carry through and eat it, your tongue bothers your brain, and even as you lick your lips, you think the taste is slightly off.
There's something... missing... lost in that past moment of inspiration.
Until the next moment.

I'm Back!

Hello any followers/viewers I might still have left! And welcome to any new visitors!

I'm leaving the posts from child-me in case viewers are curious to know what I was like 9 years ago!

I'm revamping this blog into a blog for my readers.

News about my published works, and reviews will be posted here. Additionally, I will post small, lunch-break-sized writings for those of you who might not (at present) have time to read a novel!

Welcome! And hope to enjoy diving into this experience with you!