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Things You Could Do In Sunny Weather

Are you bored? Well find some fun things to do in the summer in this list.

1. Going to the beach and playing in the sea.
2. Taking a picnic lunch and going to the park.
3. Going in your back yard and playing in the sprinklers or with the hose.
4. Go hiking in hills or mountains near your home.
5. Go to the ice cream store and by an ice cream cone.
6. If windy then fly a kite.
7. And much more which I will write later.

Fun Things You Could Do in Rainy Weather

Here is another list of what you can do if you are bored! This list will be what you can do on a rainy day.

1. complicated puzzles
2. listening to music or stories on CD
3. cooking smores in your fire place.
4. playing internet games, for example,
5. watching a dvd or a tv show while eating popcorn.
6. playing board games with family or friends.
7. playing with remote controlled cars and robots.
8. reading from a favorite series of books. examples: Warriors, Redwall etc.
9. working in a vegetable garden, (It is a good time for planting when the earth is wet and easy to dig up)
10. getting ahead in your homework
11. listening to your ipod
12. and much more, which I will write later.