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Writing Byte #14: Staggered Thought

There’s something… there.
Behind the pressure and the noise and the muffled input,
behind the headache and the too bright lights and all this.. 
There’s… something
It’s coming… so…. slow.
Where is it?
The lights they flash.
People moving… too fast… speaking… silence.
Machines and straps… let me out!
Help. Please.
I just want…
Can’t… think…
Maybe it’s… right over there.
In the quiet black, inviting.
I think I’ll just… rest now.
In black.

I breathe in… and remember…
This is the same hospital… the same room where she…
The accident, the screaming people, the machines that suddenly stopped beeping.
It isn’t like that for me.
I’m an old man… everyone’s gone now. She was the first, though.
I miss… everything about her.
It’s funny… I don’t remember yesterday…
But I remember her.
I breathe out.
I still remember.
I breathe in.
The machine beeps… and beeps…
It’s so annoying, really…
End of my life and that’s all that’s left: that dang beeping…
Oh how nice. It stopped.
Did I breathe out? Can’t remember…
I remember her though… it hurts…
Rest now.. maybe over there.
In the black… maybe she’s there.
In between thoughts… in the pause… in the black…
She’s there.

I’ll just… rest now.


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